Monday, December 13, 2010


its amazing how much time you have when you can't fall asleep. thats an extra eight hours! its 5:01 in the morning right now. and yes, i do have a final at 7AM tomorrow morning.

being sick is the worst. and that medicine is why i am still awake.

i am SO tired and yet, sleep evades me.

go figure.

maybe i'll go lay in bed for another two hours. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

love, me

Thursday, December 2, 2010


oh my gosh! its already december. time is such a funny thing. like right now, i'm sitting in my humanities class...and time is crawling by. but when i think about the fact its already december i'm amazed! i feel like it was october yesterday!

anyways, i absolutely love december. it's such a great month. i am so happy that the semester is almost over! and this christmas break is going to be amazing!! my family and i are going to the mayan riveria and i cannot wait. the beach is my favorite place to be.

and christmastime is the best. i love christmas music so much. listening to it makes me happy. so i listen to it alllll the time. who doesn't want to be happy??

basically life is wonderful.
thanksgiving was so much fun.
i love my mom and sister.
and shopping with them :)

i can't wait to be home. i won't get there till christmas eve, but i haven't been back since february. how crazy is that?

love, me

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gossip girl

i'm so excited to FINALLY watch the season premiere of gossip girl.
i was planning on watching it on monday....but guess who's tv decides to not work at 8 o clock?? mine. so i had to wait and wait and wait and it should be on hulu right this second.
you may ask why i'm writing this and not watching it.
and that is an excellent question!

oh and i love chuck bass

Saturday, September 4, 2010

new beginning!

So the first week of school is over and done with! i can't even believe that its my senior year- this is the last first week of school of my undergraduate career!

this summer was different than most of my other summers. i took classes spring and summer and was working! i was so busy. i started the summer with a list of goals, and while i didn't accomplish ALL of them, i'm proud of what i got done. sooooo, i guess its time for another list!!


1. Get straight A's this semester
2. Don't procrastinate things until the last minute
3. Take the GRE (still have to do that!)
4. Exercise 3-4 times a week
5. Lose 7 lbs FAST so I can win $$$!
6. Get a job related to dietetics
7. Study Abroad- spring or summer
(so what if i'll already be graduated? can i still do that?)
8. Do service in a foreign country
11. anddddd HAVE FUN!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


okay so SOMEHOW its been over a month!! that is ridiculous. time really flies.

ANYWAYS, after working at sams club for approximately one week.
i quit.

good news is, i got another job!!
i'm a server at gloria's little italy!
its too bad it doesn't count for dietetic related work hours but i really like it so far! i start having my own tables on tuesday! so yeah. i'm pretty happy :) and i get to work with steph which makes it 283924 times more fun!

also i'm currently obsessed with dynamite by taio cruz. SO GOOD!

my family comes to utah in three weeks :)
i get to see jordan in one week :)
my sister moves to utah in 1.5 weeks :)
school starts in six weeks :(

summer is almost over i feel, only a month and a half... i should probably take the gre or something. and make my portfolio... too bad i'm STILL in school full time. april can't come soon enough! but then real life starts and i have no idea what i'm going to do with it!

oh well

love youu-

Monday, June 7, 2010

hot hot heat

i think i may be dying of heat exhaustion.

<-- this is what my house feels like, and yes, thats lava.

ITS 90 degrees in my house at this exact moment. i can't even take it!! its too much. i called mountain view today to have them come fix it but they still haven't arrived! and you know what? i think it all has to do with the war that has been raging inside my own apartment. yes, its true.

soooo, this past weekend is when it really started getting warm in provo. like 80-90 degrees. which is at what time that most normal people would begin putting on the air conditioning. right? yes. anyways i turned it on and it was working perfectly. i set the temperature to 75- not too shabby. i went back in my room and later when i came out realized that someone had turned the air off. and it was HOT! so i turned it back on... then, it was magically off again the next time i checked. all the while the inside temperature had not budged from 85. unacceptable. so i turned it back on AGAIN. i didnt' hear it shut off which i was happy about but i was rather confused as to why it was still blazing hot inside our apartment. i went to investigate and the temperature had been turned to 90+ with the ac still running! who does that?! so then the ac broke and i dont' really know if that was an accident or not.

and i understand that having an ac battle isn't exactly the most mature thing to do...but it happened.

cross your fingers that mvm pulls through!

ps. i got a job!! i am now working at sam's club!! booya. don't know when my first day will be but i'm excited! haha :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers day!

today was a beautiful day!! i went to church and rachel gave an AMAZING talk. then, i went to my aunts ward because i love her and it was ben's homecoming. and then we went to the park!! it was so much fun. aunt tina and uncle greg are some of my favorite people in the entire world. and i can't forget about mccall and peipei because they could be my sisters. i love their family SO much!! even mimzi was there! we played frisbee- peipei and greg were by far the best! we ate KFC... (shhh...don't tell) and just basked in the sun! being with their family always makes me so happy. i love them.

anyways, its mothers day i absolutely adore my mother. she does so much for me and without her i know i wouldn't be the person that i am today. i love that i'm so close to my mom. she's honestly one of my best friends. i know i can tell her anything and i love talking to her on the phone every single day :) i don't know many people who can do that and i feel so blessed that i can!!

here is a poem i wrote for my mom once upon a time:

My mother has never developed a new drug to cure any disease,
But she is the one I turn to when I am sick, for love and support.

My mother has not given any speeches that have been published,
But she has shared her thoughts and listened to me nearly every night as we talk before I go to bed.

My mom does not get a pay check or bonus for all the work she does,
But we all agree she has the toughest job.

My mom has never gotten any major music awards,
But she wants me to learn to appreciate its beauty.

My mom has never taken any proffesional driving courses
But she is always willing to drive me anywhere.

My mom has never been a great stage entertainer
But she can juggle a lot of things at the same time without going crazy

My mom can get mad at some of the things I do
But she is the first to reach out to me again

My mom is pretty tough at times
But she is the first one I can share a tear with when I need too

My mom just smiles when my dad bugs me by asking how many Danielle Magleby’s there are in the world like me
But she is the first to say just one

My mom isnt perfect
But she makes me want to do better and choose the right

My mom would be the first to say that she is a daughter of god
And now she has taught me.

i love my mom!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

frost this

yesterday i went to target... and got inspired!!

i am going to learn how to decorate cakes/cupcakes/other desserts. and i'm going to be DANG GOOD at it!

add this to the summer goal list

#11. become a master-decorator.
let the chaos ensue.

<3 me

Saturday, May 1, 2010

cupcake catastrophe

so i went in to the Sweet Tooth Fairy to talk to the manager a couple days ago

here are the highlights

he asks me to frost a cupcake...i don't know how exactly to do this in their method and he shows me once so i try. FAIL.

him: do you have any experience with cake decorating?
me: no, but i used to write names on cakes at dairy queen
him: with what?!
me: frosting
him: and your cupcake looks like that?!

him: customer service is really important
me: i used to work at hollister- its not on my resume because i worked there five years ago but our main responsibility was to help customers and give good service
him: you shouldn't have said that... i hate hollister. its not on your resume because you were embarrased. as you should be.
me: uhhhh...

he tells me to frost another cupcake. i do and i think its decent.

we talk some more...
him: well, you're taking those cupcakes with you whether you like it or not.

interview over.
i peace out with the cupcakes
sweet, huh?!

<3 me

lazy saturdays

i think that every person should be entitled to lazy saturdays.

it was rainy and gloomy and really the only thing i want to do on days like this is cuddle up with my comfy blanket, get my jams on, eat junky food, and watch movies. steph was with me and we were literally on the couch for four hours.

pure bliss.

<3 me

Thursday, April 29, 2010

drive one.

i understand that i am a bit biased when it comes to my opinions on cars. i mean, ford motor company has indirectly provided me with food, shelter, and clothing for all 21 years of my life. and they have directly provided me with transportation for my entire driving career!

but has any one of my cars ever let me down? no. in fact, i've let my most recent little blue focus down by running her into a concrete post. RUDE!

and gertrude, aka gertie was the best little car i've ever had. miss her.

and me and lindsay would have to yell
when her music choices were inappropriate.
haha :)

so yes, i think they are the BEST cars in the whole entire world!

has ford had any major recalls recently?? for minor details such as brakes that don't brake when they're supposed to? umm. no.
AND guess what the #1 selling car in europe is?? yes thats right, its the european focus. booya. AND, what company didn't have a government bailout?? you got it.

oh and yes,

love, me

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sonic = love

i understand that april showers bring may flowers but really? its almost may. and april showers should not include snow. ever. and although my blog title could be considered figurative, i was hoping that it would be literal as well. and its not!

i want to dedicate the rest of this entry to my one true love. im surprised that its taken me till my third entry without a legitimate shoutout. and yes, it's to the great establishment that is.... SONIC. what would i do without sonic? i wouldn't be enjoying writing this entry nearly as much without my route 44 diet dp w/lemon, thats for sure!

here is why sonic is awesome:

1. they have the best ice- why it is so good i do not know. but it is. and i know no one who disagrees with that fact.
2. um HAPPY HOUR?! enough said. half price drinks from 2-4? YES PLEASE!
3. options are endless. diet dr. pepper is bomb. as well as ALL of the varietys of limeades.
4. if you're indecisive- just do it all! im sure they'd make a pineapple cranberry apple vanilla limeade if you really wanted all your fruits for the day in one drink.
5. the employees are extremely talented. they ROLLER SKATE to your car and i have never seen anyone wipe out... yet.
6. sonic = happiness. it really can't be more basic.

here is why sonic thinks im awesome (sonic hasn't explicitly told me but we have an unspoken understanding) :

1. i single-handedly keep them in business
2. they can enjoy my music from inside the building
3. my level of devotion is unparalled
4. i convert all my friends to love sonic...and its not that hard

disclaimer: when referring to sonic i am only taking into consideration the quality of their drinks. i cannot vouch for their food because i don't like their food. And one time, i was with rachel and she ordered a burger, which was promptly given to her. too promptly in fact because it was lettuce and pickles on a bun. there was no burger. so we had to drive through again.

<3 me

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

first day of classes?

today is a TUESDAY.

just thought i would let everyone know... because it's very easy to get the days of the week confused. and hypothetically speaking, if someone thought it was monday and not tuesday they would go to the wrong class on the first day of school and be very confused when no one else was there.

this may or may not have happened to me today.


i REALLY need a job... i've applied at alot of places and i have an interview on friday! but the place i would absolutely love to work at has not called me yet. so i think im going to go in again. i will harass them until they hire me. they will be so impressed with my interest, my professional persistence, dumbfounded by my diligence, and awestruck by my amazing alliteration abilities- i'll get it for sure!! :)

<3 me

Monday, April 26, 2010

i started a blog!

so today i decided that i would start a blog. call me original. i'm really excited because i think it will be alot of fun. theres something to be said for writing your thoughts, feelings, and happenings down. and its kind of neat to think that other people will read what you write.

starting a blog was #9 of 9 on my list of goals this summer, so i guess im working backwards.

would you like to know what my goals are?

i knew it.

1. take spring classes (they start tomorrow) check!
2. get a job ASAP
3. take the GRE
4. read at least three classics
5. be grateful :)
6. volunteer with special olympics
7. work out 5x a week
8. spend less $ on eating out
9. start a blog

oh and here's #10
10. HAVE FUN!!

i always add that to the end of every one of my lists.
sometimes its the only one i can check off
and you know what?
im okay with that :)

<3 me