Monday, June 7, 2010

hot hot heat

i think i may be dying of heat exhaustion.

<-- this is what my house feels like, and yes, thats lava.

ITS 90 degrees in my house at this exact moment. i can't even take it!! its too much. i called mountain view today to have them come fix it but they still haven't arrived! and you know what? i think it all has to do with the war that has been raging inside my own apartment. yes, its true.

soooo, this past weekend is when it really started getting warm in provo. like 80-90 degrees. which is at what time that most normal people would begin putting on the air conditioning. right? yes. anyways i turned it on and it was working perfectly. i set the temperature to 75- not too shabby. i went back in my room and later when i came out realized that someone had turned the air off. and it was HOT! so i turned it back on... then, it was magically off again the next time i checked. all the while the inside temperature had not budged from 85. unacceptable. so i turned it back on AGAIN. i didnt' hear it shut off which i was happy about but i was rather confused as to why it was still blazing hot inside our apartment. i went to investigate and the temperature had been turned to 90+ with the ac still running! who does that?! so then the ac broke and i dont' really know if that was an accident or not.

and i understand that having an ac battle isn't exactly the most mature thing to do...but it happened.

cross your fingers that mvm pulls through!

ps. i got a job!! i am now working at sam's club!! booya. don't know when my first day will be but i'm excited! haha :)


  1. Thermostat wars are the worst.

    Sams club...update about that please! I hope you will have some delightful stories to share...

  2. Oh the war! So glad it's over-although I don't really know cuz it's gotten colder again with the rain-so maybe we don't even know!

  3. im so glad im not the only one doing NOTHING with our major this summer!! haha long live the slackers! love you girl!