Saturday, July 17, 2010


okay so SOMEHOW its been over a month!! that is ridiculous. time really flies.

ANYWAYS, after working at sams club for approximately one week.
i quit.

good news is, i got another job!!
i'm a server at gloria's little italy!
its too bad it doesn't count for dietetic related work hours but i really like it so far! i start having my own tables on tuesday! so yeah. i'm pretty happy :) and i get to work with steph which makes it 283924 times more fun!

also i'm currently obsessed with dynamite by taio cruz. SO GOOD!

my family comes to utah in three weeks :)
i get to see jordan in one week :)
my sister moves to utah in 1.5 weeks :)
school starts in six weeks :(

summer is almost over i feel, only a month and a half... i should probably take the gre or something. and make my portfolio... too bad i'm STILL in school full time. april can't come soon enough! but then real life starts and i have no idea what i'm going to do with it!

oh well

love youu-