Friday, January 21, 2011


i figured i'd document my recent experience in my blog.
it all started with me not feeling good...
my throat hurt which seems common enough
so i went to the doctor on wednesday.

this is the regimin i was given.

two aleve 2x a day
1 extra strength tylenol 3x a day
wash mouth with listerine 4x a day
take codiene 3 x a day
take antibiotics

i have never taken that many pills in my life.
and after two days of doing this my mouth was getting worse.

so i called the doctor and he prescribed some steriod thing which is THE most disgusting thing i have ever experienced. Think about swishing something the consistency of maple syrup around in your moth for one minute while your entire mouth is burning and then having to swallow it. i almost couldn't do it. it made me gag. but i have to do it four times a day... for ten days. i pretty much want to die. then i went back to the doctors. and they gave me a penicillin shot. UM OUCH. that was SO painful. then, i got two more prescriptions to take along with all of the other stuff.

i just want to get better.
please please please.
thank goodness for my amazing friends.
and soup.
thats all i've eaten for the past four days.

Monday, December 13, 2010


its amazing how much time you have when you can't fall asleep. thats an extra eight hours! its 5:01 in the morning right now. and yes, i do have a final at 7AM tomorrow morning.

being sick is the worst. and that medicine is why i am still awake.

i am SO tired and yet, sleep evades me.

go figure.

maybe i'll go lay in bed for another two hours. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

love, me

Thursday, December 2, 2010


oh my gosh! its already december. time is such a funny thing. like right now, i'm sitting in my humanities class...and time is crawling by. but when i think about the fact its already december i'm amazed! i feel like it was october yesterday!

anyways, i absolutely love december. it's such a great month. i am so happy that the semester is almost over! and this christmas break is going to be amazing!! my family and i are going to the mayan riveria and i cannot wait. the beach is my favorite place to be.

and christmastime is the best. i love christmas music so much. listening to it makes me happy. so i listen to it alllll the time. who doesn't want to be happy??

basically life is wonderful.
thanksgiving was so much fun.
i love my mom and sister.
and shopping with them :)

i can't wait to be home. i won't get there till christmas eve, but i haven't been back since february. how crazy is that?

love, me

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gossip girl

i'm so excited to FINALLY watch the season premiere of gossip girl.
i was planning on watching it on monday....but guess who's tv decides to not work at 8 o clock?? mine. so i had to wait and wait and wait and it should be on hulu right this second.
you may ask why i'm writing this and not watching it.
and that is an excellent question!

oh and i love chuck bass

Saturday, September 4, 2010

new beginning!

So the first week of school is over and done with! i can't even believe that its my senior year- this is the last first week of school of my undergraduate career!

this summer was different than most of my other summers. i took classes spring and summer and was working! i was so busy. i started the summer with a list of goals, and while i didn't accomplish ALL of them, i'm proud of what i got done. sooooo, i guess its time for another list!!


1. Get straight A's this semester
2. Don't procrastinate things until the last minute
3. Take the GRE (still have to do that!)
4. Exercise 3-4 times a week
5. Lose 7 lbs FAST so I can win $$$!
6. Get a job related to dietetics
7. Study Abroad- spring or summer
(so what if i'll already be graduated? can i still do that?)
8. Do service in a foreign country
11. anddddd HAVE FUN!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


okay so SOMEHOW its been over a month!! that is ridiculous. time really flies.

ANYWAYS, after working at sams club for approximately one week.
i quit.

good news is, i got another job!!
i'm a server at gloria's little italy!
its too bad it doesn't count for dietetic related work hours but i really like it so far! i start having my own tables on tuesday! so yeah. i'm pretty happy :) and i get to work with steph which makes it 283924 times more fun!

also i'm currently obsessed with dynamite by taio cruz. SO GOOD!

my family comes to utah in three weeks :)
i get to see jordan in one week :)
my sister moves to utah in 1.5 weeks :)
school starts in six weeks :(

summer is almost over i feel, only a month and a half... i should probably take the gre or something. and make my portfolio... too bad i'm STILL in school full time. april can't come soon enough! but then real life starts and i have no idea what i'm going to do with it!

oh well

love youu-

Monday, June 7, 2010

hot hot heat

i think i may be dying of heat exhaustion.

<-- this is what my house feels like, and yes, thats lava.

ITS 90 degrees in my house at this exact moment. i can't even take it!! its too much. i called mountain view today to have them come fix it but they still haven't arrived! and you know what? i think it all has to do with the war that has been raging inside my own apartment. yes, its true.

soooo, this past weekend is when it really started getting warm in provo. like 80-90 degrees. which is at what time that most normal people would begin putting on the air conditioning. right? yes. anyways i turned it on and it was working perfectly. i set the temperature to 75- not too shabby. i went back in my room and later when i came out realized that someone had turned the air off. and it was HOT! so i turned it back on... then, it was magically off again the next time i checked. all the while the inside temperature had not budged from 85. unacceptable. so i turned it back on AGAIN. i didnt' hear it shut off which i was happy about but i was rather confused as to why it was still blazing hot inside our apartment. i went to investigate and the temperature had been turned to 90+ with the ac still running! who does that?! so then the ac broke and i dont' really know if that was an accident or not.

and i understand that having an ac battle isn't exactly the most mature thing to do...but it happened.

cross your fingers that mvm pulls through!

ps. i got a job!! i am now working at sam's club!! booya. don't know when my first day will be but i'm excited! haha :)