Friday, January 21, 2011


i figured i'd document my recent experience in my blog.
it all started with me not feeling good...
my throat hurt which seems common enough
so i went to the doctor on wednesday.

this is the regimin i was given.

two aleve 2x a day
1 extra strength tylenol 3x a day
wash mouth with listerine 4x a day
take codiene 3 x a day
take antibiotics

i have never taken that many pills in my life.
and after two days of doing this my mouth was getting worse.

so i called the doctor and he prescribed some steriod thing which is THE most disgusting thing i have ever experienced. Think about swishing something the consistency of maple syrup around in your moth for one minute while your entire mouth is burning and then having to swallow it. i almost couldn't do it. it made me gag. but i have to do it four times a day... for ten days. i pretty much want to die. then i went back to the doctors. and they gave me a penicillin shot. UM OUCH. that was SO painful. then, i got two more prescriptions to take along with all of the other stuff.

i just want to get better.
please please please.
thank goodness for my amazing friends.
and soup.
thats all i've eaten for the past four days.

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